World News Media Congress

On Monday, 3rd of June I was lucky enough to attend the 26th World News Media Congress. The event ran from the 1-3rd of June, in the SEC Exhibition Centre. Whilst I was there, I attended a 3-hour long workshop discussing the importance of risk assessment for working journalists. The workshop welcomed journalists from across the globe and was very insightful for myself as before I don’t think I considered just how vital risk assessing is. It could mean a matter of life and death, especially for any investigative, working journalists in countries such as Mexico, where one journalist pointed out that 7 journalists have died there this year alone. The workshop left me to think about 4 things.

Applying the 4 C’s as a working journalist:

  • Context
  • Communication
  • Control
  • Cooperation

What I learned from these four points is that as a reporter out on the scene these are fundamentals. Working with a filming crew makes you as a reporter part of a team and so these four C’s couldn’t be more essential.

At the workshop I spoke to 15-year-old, Anna Chovhan. Anna travelled from Ukraine with her dad who’s a publisher to attend the Editors Forum. She’s launching her own start-up, called Oxford Mad which she told me is designed to teach as many kids as possible maths. Anna plans to have the project up and running by the end of summer. She hopes that her new project will be affordable and it will show kids that learning maths isn’t difficult.

Interview with Anna Chovhan

I think Anna’s start- up project is a great idea and I wish her success with the launch.

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