Why The Grammy’s Should Have Given BTS the Grammy They Deserved

By James Maloney


As the Grammy’s come and go we all look back on the winners and losers of this year, and celebrate those who worked so hard on their music and the videos that they put their all into.

This will have been popular K-Pop boy group BTS’ first time at the Grammy’s as nominees.

They were ecstatic when they found out that their first ever full English song ‘Dynamite’ was nominated for a Grammy and recorded their reactions for their fanbase, ‘ARMY’, to see and so they can celebrate with them.

It was a euphoric moment and a huge part of music history.

K-Pop has been around since 1992, and since then has become a global phenomenon with multiple different music companies debuting solo artists and boy and girl groups alike.

The stars start off as trainee’s, working night and day in hopes of one day making their debut with their teammates, other K-Pop hopefulls they are selected to live with in the hopes of forming a band.

These trainee’s then practice day and night with the goal in mind that they will one day debut with their new-found roomates as the next K-Pop icons. 

It is a very competitive industry, with trainee’s who will have debuted only within a couple months or a year of training.

Others may be training for years and years, but even despite how hard someone trains and works hard, some trainees do not make it to debut at all.

BTS are under the label Big Hit and were their first ever boy group to be signed by Big Hit up until 2019 when they debuted another boy group TXT (Tomorrow X Together) and since then it has become one of the most successful music companies in the world.

The boy group has taken the world by storm, selling out large stadiums and selling out millions of their albums in seconds. They recently as well hit 100mil views on their Dynamite music video in 24 hours, setting a record instantly.


BTS have taken the music world by storm in their native South Korea and further afield.

Many people expected the song by the K-pop group to win a Grammy, due to its popularity and the number of people who wanted it to win.

But sadly the group lost out to  Rain On Me by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, which deserved a win just as much as BTS did, but it doesn’t mean that it didn’t sting when BTS lost.

And their reactions to the loss hurt to see the most as they were so excited to hopefully win and to see them accept defeat was a heart-breaking sight.

Many fans came forward to say that the Grammy’s are rigged.

And they may not be too far from the truth.

BTS have come out with many different songs all talking about self-love, following your dreams and being who you are.

Their message to their fans is to love yourself always.

Their music videos for ‘Fake Love’, ‘Black Swan’ and even ‘Dynamite’ were Grammy worthy.

But the only song that gets a nomination is an all-English song? That seems a bit strange to me.

Some people as well say that the Grammy’s used BTS for clout so they can get more viewers for the show.

This is very true as the pre-show stream was at 1.2million views but quickly dropped to 400k when BTS left.

Bandmember Jungkook’s Vlive, a live streaming app for K-Pop idols to talk to their fans,  got 21 million views, more than the Grammy’s.

As BTS went to their own personal live stream to thank their fans for all they have done and to reassure them that they are okay, it was a heartache to see them leave without the win they deserved.

But this is not the first time that the Grammy’s have done this, there have been other incidents where the Grammy’s have seemingly influenced who took home certain awards.

Rapper Eminem spoke out agaist the Grammy’s previously.

Rapper Eminem spoke out during an interview about how he will never attend a Grammy’s as they choose who they want to win

He said:

“For whatever reason they’re always pitching this hint that you might win album of the year, which used to be a big deal.

“I sat at home for the Grammy’s this year and watched Jay and Kenderik not get it, I felt like one of them should have got it”

 Fans of BTS were heartbroken to find out they did not win the award that they felt they rightfully deserved.

But came to realise that BTS do not need the Grammy’s.

The Grammy’s need BTS.

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