Why I Think Travel Isn’t Safe Yet

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By Shwan Haddad


Now that we in Scotland are transitioning into tier 2 on Monday, international travel may now be an option for people.

However, is travelling internationally a good idea at the moment?

Sure, it would be nice to be able to get out of the country, and see the world, or family living abroad.

The airline industry has been on of the hardest hit by the pandemic.

But with the current situation in India alone being dire, is it really worth the risk?

Look at how fast the virus spread from Wuhan at the start of the pandemic.

Do we all want a repeat of that?

Or do you remember the rise in cases of COVID-19 late last year after the ease in restrictions?

I remember going to a bar with my friends in late July when everyone was almost carefree and look at what happened afterwards.

Bars and restaurants were popular places for people to go during the last easing of restrictions.

We only just got out of the restrictions caused by that mess, and international travel wasn’t allowed back then.

What will happen if we start travelling abroad?

Will there be a newer, more deadly and vaccine resistant strain?

We just don’t know yet, people should play it safe and not go anywhere just.

Statistics and facts

India’s death has risen 250,000 and it just keeps climbing.

They’ve run out of spaces in hospitals and have low oxygen supplies, causing people to be in agony.

COVID-19 Outbreak cases in India.

Also, around 44 countries have been found to have the Indian variant of COVID-19 in their borders.

Sounds like a great time to go places, right?

The entire continent (yes, the whole continent), of South America is on the red list for travel, along with half of Africa.

The Philippines is also on the red list as well.

Indonesia is on the Amber list, so if you want to go to Bali, you will have to do ten days of quarantine if you’re up for that.

Cases of COVID-19 infection are still rising in 31 countries, so is it really worth the risk?

The United Stated is seeing 844 deaths a day which an increase in their death rate.

Why do I believe that international travel is a bad idea just now?

My family and I travel to see relatives in Finland every Summer and Winter.

Let’s say one of us unknowingly had the virus and then passed it on to us, what then?

My dear Grandmother is in a care home, and we have other relatives we want to see, who all have their own friends and relatives.

Let’s say we went to go see my grandmother and had the virus but were asymptomatic, the consequences of that could be severe.

Lot’s of deaths from the virus were in care homes, causing them to take extra precautions.

Now that’s the worst case scenario, what happens if our other relatives catch the virus unknowingly from us?

What happens if they’re asymptomatic and go see their families and friends, what then?

This would inevitably become a snowball effect and cause the numbers go up.

Now yes, it is true that we would get tested before going there.

But what happens if we’re fine here but catch it over there without knowing it and spread it around?

People go places when they’re on holiday, and they go to a lot of places.

That means seeing new people and possibly creating a bigger risk of it spreading.

So what should we do?

In my honest opinion, I think that people should leave travel alone for now until we’re sure it’s safe.

Yes, I get it, you want to leave and see the world, meet new people, or see old friend.

I do too, I want to see my family after not having seen them for a while.

It would be lovely to sit with them at our cabin and have a beer and barbecue.

Nothing would be better than to just see them and have a chat over a morning coffee.

But is it really worth the risk at this moment in time?

We’ve seen how previous eases on restrictions held up and have also seen the virus mutate several times.

What happens if it mutates enough to be vaccine resistant?

Right now I think people should just wait and see.

When this all clears up, then we can start talking about partying in Ibiza or Skiing in Norway.

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