We Are Watching You

Were you one of the 40 million viewers to watch Netflix’s psychological thriller ‘You’ in its first month streaming?

This binge worthy show, attracted viewers in droves, seducing them with an alternative romance, spine tingling suspense and a moment of panic that forces the question: “How safe am I online?”

In a storyline that doesn’t seem too far fetched we meet Joe Goldberg. Attractive, attentive and seems to know exactly what you want, but lurking in the shadows is a deeply flawed sociopath making use of technology to stalk his oblivious prey: Guinevere Beck.

It was only one glance…at her bank card. Granted she does have an unusual name, but this information triggers a chain of events that will have you on the edge of your seat.

“Amazing show! Cannot wait for season 2. Read both books and I need more Joe!” one fan commented on Caroline Kepnes, author of ‘You’, social media.

It certainly provides reassurance that I’m not the only one that is strangely drawn to stalker Joe, but it does make me question my life choices, including what of me is out there in the public domain.

Social Media Settings – are you having it all on show?

As we know Beck had it all for show. Keep yourself safe. Set your social media to private so you can decide who creeps on you.

Socialmediasun.com offers great ‘how to’ guides to make all your social media accounts private. You can find all the info at socialmediasun.com/privacy-settings/

Where you at?

It was easy for Joe to find Becks address. It was one of the first things he did, thanks to the photo she posted standing outside her front door.  Avoid taking any photos that will announce to the world your address, especially if you are living on your own.

Location tagging is a point to consider. Sometimes its nice to check in when you’re out with your pals, but do you really want everyone to know you’re there or that your house is lying empty?

Passwords – it’s how big?

Industry experts suggests minimum of 12 characters mixed with upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters. It’s recommended that you avoid personal passwords like pet’s name etc. You can also look at companies such as Last Pass where you generate one intricate password with a two-factor authentication. Once you’re logged in securely it can generate random secure passwords and store them for you, so you must only remember one.

Phones/Devices – fml, where’s my phone?

So, Beck thought that getting a new phone would stop everything on the old one. WRONG! She was still hooked up to The Cloud and our lovely boy Joe could still see what was going on in her messages…even that one about his timings (eek). Make sure if you lose your phone you lock and deactivate the device – how to guides all available through a quick google search.

It may have not been an interesting storyline if Beck had been on top of her cyber security, in fact, it may not have reached episode two, but don’t be a Beck. Keep yourself safe and wait with bated breath to see what dark twists season two has for us!

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