Turn it on to Tune it in

Can relaxing music really help you study?

It’s an often asked question. Does listening to music improve your ability to study or is it just another excuse to procrastinate? In the wake of dreaded exams we can easily become overloaded and feel burned out with the weight of a huge workload. Whether you’re in school education, attending college or university we can all certainly relate to the pressures of impending deadlines.


A recent poll indicated that between students aged 18-24 the most popular genre of music to listen to while studying is indie/ alternative music. Going off of popular demand i’ve created an ideal study playlist for lovers of indie music. This ten track playlist is sure to help you relax as you revise.   


If you love songs with extremely catchy lyrics then hip hop infused, indie rockers Rat Boy make an ideal first pick on this study playlist. ‘LAIDBACK’ is the fifth track off of the bands debut album titled ‘SCUM’. Needless to say it will make you want to ‘lay back’ and relax as you open your textbooks.


Arctic Monkeys ‘Fireside’ is next on this study playlist. It’s off of their 2013 album named AM. The track is one of the Sheffield born bands acoustic songs and is perfect for an easy listen as you sit down to write that 2000 word essay.


The third pick comes from Aussie psychedelic rock band Tame Impala. ‘Feels like we only go backwards’ is taken off  the second album produced by frontman Kevin Parker and the track will transport you back to the 70s. The song layers electric guitar, synthesizer mixes and slow drum and bass so is perfect for jotting down notes to.


Next up on this list is MGMT’s ‘Electric feel’. The American indie rock group are known for songs that include electronic dance beats which makes this list in order to motivate you to finish that assignment.



The next song on this list comes from New York  indie rock group the strokes and is called ‘You only live once’. This track is littered with repeating guitar riffs and relatable lyrics which makes it a great listen when reading over your notes.


The 1975’s ‘Sincerity is scary’ is one of the few already released songs off of the band’s upcoming album that comes out 30th November this year. It is a slow track featuring synth sounds and a brass section and makes the list as it will put your mind at ease about that nearing test.



Also making this list is the track ‘7’ off of the UK band Catfish and the Bottlemen second studio album called The ride. Van McCann’s lyrics about love are a perfect pick to sit down and highlight your notes to.


Rex Orange County’s song called ‘Loving is easy’ is another ideal pick for this playlist. This English indie artist that has hip hop influences is ideal to listen to when you’re reaching the panic stage of your revision.

Another top pick for this playlist comes from another UK indie rock band Blossoms and is titled ‘Cut me and I’ll bleed’. The track is a classic indie rock love song and should relax you when thinking about that pile of homework slowly getting bigger.

Also making it on to this list comes from Canadian singer/songwriter Mac Demarco and is the second track off his album Salad Days. ‘Blue boy’ is an indie track that blends lofi guitars and relaxed vocals. This song it sure to help you distress as you cram some last minute revision.



You can find the full playlist here.

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