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By Saskia Haining


Well, It’s official! The restrictions in Scotland are easing and it’s about time.

The exciting news comes from Holyrood, where First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that more restrictions are being eased in mostly all areas of Scotland on May 17th. 

The news sparks positivity, with more places given the go-ahead to open up. 

Here is a list of the top 10 things I will be doing (and yes, I will be doing them all) come restrictions easing

1. Sit inside a pub… finally!

I’m sure it comes as no surprise for anyone who may know me personally that this will be the first thing I do.

As much as I enjoy sitting outside in the freezing cold, pouring rain, and just general Scottish weather, I am more than excited to be allowed to sit inside with my pint in somewhat warmth. And the fact I can drink my heart’s content till 10:30 pm?!?

Nicola, you are spoiling us. 

2. Go to the cinema

It’s something I never thought I would miss.

The stale aroma of popcorn, the awkward shuffling past rows and sticky floors from spilled drinks. 

But when you spent all of the first lockdown watching movies with your family knowing fine well your dad will fall asleep after 15 minutes and your brother will sneak back into his room leaving you bored alone… you start missing every little thing about the experience of going to an actual cinema.

Even the sticky floor!

Under new easing restrictions cinemas will finally open once again after months of closure.

3. Bingo

Have I ever been to bingo before?

No. Will I be first in that line ready with my dabber at the ready?

Absolutely yes. 

4. Attend a wedding 

I don’t know anyone who is getting married, but for the chance for a drunken sing-song with up to 50 people, regardless of whether I know them or not, I’ll find someone. 

So saying this – If anyone would like to invite me to their wedding after May 17th, let me know.

Couples will be happy to hear that under eased restrictions the number of guests allowed at weddings will be able to increase

5. Stay overnight at my bestie’s house

During the first lockdown, I looked lovingly at my best friend’s house.

I knew she was in there but we were separated with brick walls and a virus sweeping Scotland.

Through window conversations and 2 meter distances, we caught up on the little we had done that day. 

Now, I can continue to tell her about the little things I did that day but stay over after doing so.

What a world we live in.

6. Casino Royale

No – I won’t be acting as James Bond in what would be a beautiful rendition of the movie. 

Having never been to a casino before and having never actively gambled, unless you count the odd scratch card from the corner shop or picking a funny horse name for the Grand National with your family, you would presume a casino would not be the prime place for someone like me.

And you would be right.

However, having never had the chance to experience losing all my money in one night (because the house always wins, of course) and thus leaving unsatisfied at the mere thought of winning big, I feel I have surely missed out. 

7. Hug my gran (aww)

It’s been nearly a year and a half since I’ve been able to hug the woman who lights up my life. 

Hug your grandparents when you get the chance, providing it’s safe to do so. Do it.

A mum and her daughter sit close on a bench without the need for social distancing, and Scots and their relatives will be able to do just that when restrictions ease.

8. Travel

Is it just my family that had to be awkward and live in polar opposite parts of the UK? 

Tier 2 means that traveling to England is allowed.

Return flight to Torquay is pending.

9. Bowling 

As ridiculous as it sounds, I’ve been patiently awaiting the moment that bowling alleys can open up again. 

I’m no Norm Duke, and me with a bowling ball will most likely result in a casualty, but I long for that atmosphere again.

The mysteriousness of the other people bowling.

Are they dating?

Were they on a first date?

Was this a family going on a little trip out?

I’ll never know – but everyone enjoys themselves regardless. 

Bowling alleys open again soon in Scotland.

10. Visit my local library

Have I missed libraries?

Indeed I have!

The smell of the books, the quietness, and the hidden corners where you can just sit and read. 

Being encapsulated in a good book was what got me through most of the lockdown but my bank account couldn’t handle the constant amazon packages of books when I’d finished them.

Here’s hoping I save a little bit of money now, but I wouldn’t place bets on it.

Bookworms can browse library shelves until their heart’s content when libraries open once again to the public when Scotland enters Tier 2.
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