“That’s the way to shut them up” says Andy Robertson

Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah scored a remarkable goal against Chelsea on the back of being a victim of racist abuse from the club’s fans last week.

The Egypt international was clearly a man with an aim to silence his critics against his former club on Sunday at Anfield, the attacker secured a victory with a 25-yard howitzer into the top corner

The goal came just three days after a video was disseminated online last week displaying a group of Chelsea fans chanting ‘Salah is a bomber’ prior to a Europa League game in Prague.

The Egyptian is a Muslim and there has been a public protest of compassion in reaction to the video, with Chelsea set to issue compelling bans to those involved.

Andy Robertson has revealed how his teammate handled the abuse and exalted the way he responded.

“That’s the way to shut them up,” said Robertson. “It’s not nice but he dealt with it. It didn’t affect him at all – it didn’t look like it, did it?”

“Sadly people are getting used to things like this now because it is happening far too often.”

“Raheem Sterling said the other day that the only way to shut people like this up is to score goals and to beat them.”

“It was a fantastic goal. He cut inside and as soon as he hit it, everyone knew it was in.”

Salah has now scored 22 goals in all competitions and has surely dismissed the notion that he is a one-season wonder.

Liverpool will be hoping that the Egyptian can keep up his form in their
title race with Manchester City as the pressure was clearly taking a toll on the Liverpool attacker.

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