Social Media Type Rope

Lauren has written an opinion piece about the impact of social media on her peers. She has used a comical tone throughout, to create a light hearted feel about this piece.

Social media, the all-seeing eye, the friend that never sleeps.
“What’s your snapchat?” is the new “what’s your mobile number?”
“We matched on Tinder” is the new “I met this really nice guy”

With just one click of a button you can be reunited with a family member on the other side of the world or have your confidence destroyed from not reaching over 100 likes on your profile picture. Although social media is a wonderful service bringing us closer together, are we actually using it properly?

Sending a collection of selfies and the all-important “mirror pic” to the group chat for advice on which one will make the profile picture. Taking a 10/10 selfie on a Friday night but knowing it`s prime time on Sunday between eight and ten, so you sit on the edge of your seat contemplating captions. Lark or Ludwig? Is he liking her pictures too? Are there too many selfies on my page with the dog filter already?

Active three minutes ago but sent your message 33 minutes ago and so it begins, the mad frenzy in search of which Instagram post he`s liked. An unopened snapchat leads to your eyes bulging from your skull determined his snap score has gone up. Going on an adventure through the UK, checking every constituency in sight, hoping that his bitmoji isn’t with the girl you`re envious of. The adrenaline rush of sending a ‘snap me’ to him and all of his friends in case he asks “did you just get that?” but afterwards comes the knotted feeling when you see ‘opened two minutes ago.’ Millions of teenagers proving to be clumsy as ever as they never seem to “be ready” for a photo anymore.

Being ignored leads to spending the whole day getting ready, going out and plastering great drunk photos over your Snapchat, checking your story every two minutes to see if he has viewed it. Finding the girl you`ve been ignored for on Instagram and sending her worst selfies into the group chat to be told “you’re much better than her.” Waking up after a night out and deleting all chats and call logs between you and your ex because if you can`t remember it, it didn’t happen.

So here we are, lying in our beds on a Sunday night scrolling through our news feed, liking everybody’s drunken group pictures. Searching through the likes of the pretty girls picture, hoping he`s not liked it so it doesn’t feel like you’ve squeezed a lemon in your eyeball. Posting quotes captioned with “Late night thoughts” listening to Ed Sheeran wondering why you can’t have a boyfriend like him. For eight short hours this all ends, but in the morning, well you know the story.

7 thoughts on “Social Media Type Rope

  1. Very witty and insightful, the heading made me laugh. Thank you clyde insider for another great article, this student will go far ⭐️

  2. Absolutely brilliant piece of work! I can so relate to it hence why I don’t use social media! Fantastic read and so true! Well written and worded brilliantly

  3. I enjoyed this opinion piece, now I am able to understand the pressures of social media. Thank you this has helped me with my teenage daughter.

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