Save your Pennies honey! A Palette that doesn’t break the bank

Lips n’ Heels

Estee Lauder have just appointed a new Global Beauty Director, her name is Violette. She is the ultimate embodiment of “French girl chic”, possessing the “je ne sais qoi” to pull off a glittery red lip, as if it were simply a chapstick she had applied whilst waiting on her train. The it-girl never seems to look as though she’s spent more than 5 minutes on her look, whilst oozing, somehow, flawlessness.

She seems to encapsulate this idea in a recent interview with Estee Lauder, in which she describes her first memory of French beauty:“I remember seeing these women in t-shirts and messy hair, and yet they had incredible, perfect red lipstick on, and heels. They could be at the grocery store, or at school picking up their kids, and they were wearing this.”

In her role as Global beauty director, she is a major contributor to product development and the artistry of the brand. One of her first moves was the creation of her line, “La Dangereuse by Violette”.

This line is the epitome of the subtle mysteriousness that the quintessential French girl possesses. However, with one eye palette costing £42, we are not going to be metamorphosing into une belle français any time soon.

Luckily, in boots there is a dupe for those who’d rather save for a ticket to go to France rather than spend it on looking so. Here are the two compared: 

Estée Lauder Palette – £42.00

Boots Palette – £5.00


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