Run For Heroes

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus people have used social media to stay connected to friends and family and post uplifting and encouraging content to keep spirits high.

The latest Instagram trend ‘Run For Heroes’, has been hugely popular over the last few weeks. Friends are challenging one another to run 5k and donate £5 to the NHS and other NHS related charities through Virgin Money Giving.

Whilst many have found the challenge to be a bit of fun for a good cause, some disagree with the public donating to a body that should be adequately funded by the Government.

One Facebook user said: “I’m totally on board with people running 5ks and sharing on social media to create a bit of buzz, however, the NHS isn’t a charity and shouldn’t rely on donations from taxpayers.”

Another had similar views, “ I think these are exceptional times but the Government should have funded the NHS more prior to this to lessen the strain on our public services.”

Some are hesitant to donate as a small percentage goes to Virgin and Richard Branson in the form of a processing fee. A member of the public explained, “I do not grudge donating money to the NHS. I grudge doing it through Virgin when we all know Mr Branson does not deserve nor need to take a cut.”


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