RU PAUL’S DRAG RACE Season 10 Review – Give me, give me more!


For those who don’t know what Ru Paul’s drag race is, it’s an equivalent of America’s next top model but with drag queens.

[If you don’t know what drag queens are, I suggest you get out of under that rock.]

The tenth season of Ru Paul’s drag race started last Thursday and after the worst possible finale for ALL STARS 3 I was buzzing for this season to begin.

There’s 14 queens even though one of them has already been eliminated, 5 of them are from New York, one of the most competitive Drag scenes in the world, and the rest are from other states of the country.

The season starts with a new workroom (not much change to be honest they must have been on a budget), the first challenge of the season was a remake of the first challenge ever in Ru Paul’s Drag Race, the 99 shop, where they had to use products of the 99c shop and build a gown of a million dollaaas.

So even though it’s too soon and we haven’t seen much of these queens yet I already have a favourite and already a winner.

Here’s my top 5:

#5 Monique Heart, 31,from Kansas. She nailed the challenge – like absolutely nailed – even though I haven’t seen much personality yet and I’m going to need it if she wants to still be in my top five. She’s proven she’s a great dancer and that she is creative an amazing with the sewing machine.

Monique Heart

#4 Blair St.Clair, 22, from Indianapolis. She’s the first queen from Indianapolis to come on the show and she introduces herself as “Broadway” queen. In this challenge she went really high fashioned and, as I think she looks like 12 when she’s out of drag, I can’t wait to see her nailing all the musical challenges. Plus she’s a tap dancer and with that you can stole my heart.

Blair St.Clair

My top 3 starts with #3 Miz Cracker – yes like the snack. This 33 year-old queen from New York has proven to be sassy, funny and fast on her toes, she absolutely nailed the first challenge and she was hilarious with the judges! I’m a massive fan of hers already and even though people say she takes a lot of inspiration from Aquaria I think she has a really original style and personality.

Miz Cracker

My Silver medal goes to this Asian queen, #2 Yuhua Hamasaki. This Chinese queen based in New York is absolutely brilliant, she’s like an Asian version of Bianca del Rio (winner of season 6 and absolutely star of my heart). She has hilarious comebacks and really good talent on the sewing machine. What I’m worried about is the Lip-syncs, by what I’ve seen she likes to make a fool of herself, which might work once, but there’s some amazing dancers out there so I’m afraid that if she ends up in the last two performances she might not be able to save herself.

Yuhua Hamasaki

AND FINALLY the gold medal goes to this stunning queen, #1 Aquaria.Everyone knew who she was as soon as she came into the workroom, she’s on everybody’s lips in New York she’s beautiful, good at dancing, talented. What worries me is is that I haven’t seen much personality yet, and for those who have seen past seasons I’m scared she might end up being like Valentina, a stunning queen but once she landed in the bottom two after everyone thought she’ll be the winner the pressure got the best of her and she went home.


Stay tuned for more episodes every Thursday on Netflix because this season looks sickening.

And as mama Ru says: “If you can’t love yourself how the hell can you love somebody else?”

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