Round the UK on a Tenner a day

The Chick family – Dave, Jem, Gracie, Evan and Irys. As a family, have taken on the challenge of travelling around the UK coastline living on only a tenner a day in “Mo” a 1968 Morris Traveller campervan.
It may seem like a crazy idea, and I for one certainly see it as  a challenge – five of them all squished into a tiny space for possibly a time frame of eight to nine months, living on a only a tenner a day which is £5 for petrol, £5 for food wearing the same clothes, eating a lot less than they are used to and never quite knowing what’s around the next corner.
The family of five are raising money for CatZero who transform young lives. The programmes they run take young people and turn their lives around, creating a brighter, more positive future for a generation growing up in a society fraught with challenges and obstacles to overcome.
The CatZero team believe that these kids should have a chance in life and that’s what they give them.
Every £3,500 raised puts a young person through one of CatZero’s life-changing 12-week programmes, usually culminating in a two-week residential sailing voyage.
As a family, they have planned on donating £7,000, the cost of seven months of family’s living expenses. The family strongly believe in the work that CatZero do and the difference they make and that’s why they have decided collectively to do all they can to support them.
I caught up with the family of five in Govan, Glasgow, Scotland. They had driven approximately 3,500 miles around the Scottish coast stopping at some of the most beautiful sights Bonnie Scotland has to offer such as Glencoe, Oban, and the Highlands and Islands  and in the next few days they will be crossing the border into England, but before they set off it was time for a refreshments and a blether. 
The family had said how they witnessed the true spirit of Scotland and humanity. Every day they had  been on the receiving end of immeasurable kindness, from being welcomed into your homes for a shower or use of the washing machine, to being given a shopping bag full of goodies, help fixing Mo the campervan  (numerous times), a welcoming smile, a history lesson, your last £1, free entry to all sorts of interesting places, toothbrushes & loo roll, filling our water bottles, a driveway to spend the night on, ferry crossings, a regular supply of Scottish tablet, oatcakes & Irn Bru, and the family are 
Jem, Mum of three said “The most humbling of occasions is when you have given to us when you’ve had little for yourselves, but what has meant the most to me is the time you have given us, your support and all your encouragement”
You can follow the travels of the family from start to finish on their social media page 
Find out more about the amazing work that CatZero do by clicking on the link

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