Riverdale: The hype of season 2

2017’s ‘Riverdale’ was all the hype as many viewers can remember at the start of this year. Set in a small town, where all seems sweet, starring big names such as Cole Sprouse and Molly Ringwald.

Season one of Riverdale was kicked off by the mourning of the town’s most loved football player, Jason Blossom. A few twists and turns later we find out the killer, with a lot of the not so sweet town’s members deep dark secrets coming out to play. Not only does this television series hold dark secrets and death, but like all teen television series’ it embarks on many love stories or so it seems.

Riverdale is a 21st Century reboot of Twin Peaks, embracing more teen drama and following a lot more comedy. The plot is similar to Twin Peaks, with a young teen dying and the town trying to come to terms with this while uncovering unthinkable secrets.

The comparison is in a completely positive light, as many of the Riverdale viewers are looking for a more relatable and vibrant television show rather than in the deep dark midst’s of Twin Peaks. Although saying this, the cinematography during Riverdale is impeccable. Whether it’s ‘Jughead’ putting on his very own Serpent jacket, or even the raunchier scenes featuring two of the main stars Camila Mendes and K.J Apa. Riverdale varies in scenes between the darkness and also more vibrant, thus may be why today’s youth enjoys it so very much.

Season 2 aired this week (12/10/17), and all that those were waiting for was revealed. Of course along with a few dark turns creeping out of the shadows. Archie’s dad awakens from the robbery shooting, leaving the town in awe at what was really lurking beneath this sweet old town. One thing that stuck out from the main story line, Cheryl Blossom. Sister to Jason Blossom, the deceased in season 1. Cheryl may not have been a main pin point in the first episode (Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying), but she sure is one to watch as from what can be seen. Her mother suffering third degree burns and Cheryl finally getting loose from her grip (hurray). If you have seen the finale of season 1 then you remember Cheryl setting fire to her family home, but the main question is, what happened after that?

Eagerly waiting and anticipating the towns next move, be sure to tune in to next week’s episode airing 19/10.

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