Parliament to discuss free bus travel for under 25’s in Scotland

The Scottish Labour party will introduce a motion to extent the national entitlement card to Scots under 25.

At the moment Scots over the age of 60 or disabled qualify for free bus travel in and around Scotland.

Now the Scottish Labour party is moving to allow free travel for young people in Scotland.

In a Scottish Labour analysis they found that 52% of people using Scotland’s bus service earn below £20,000 a year.

Labours transport spokesperson, Colin Smyth, said: “Free bus travel for the over 60s has tackled isolation, created opportunities and helped fight pensioner poverty,” Mr Smyth said.

“It will open up opportunities for young people – especially those on low incomes.”

“That’s why Scottish Labour is arguing parliament should back extending free bus travel to those under the age of 25.”

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