Mind the men!


Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50 in Scotland. Many of whom are never able too or feel confident enough to talk. In 2017 alone, 76% of all recorded suicides were men.

There are many groups across the country that focus on reducing this statistic and MindtheMen are no different. 

Limmy shows his support for the group


MindtheMen are a small peer to peer suicide prevention group that provides a safe and secure environment for men to discuss their challenges, be listened too and most importantly feel supported with the main aim of the group being to get men talking, which can ultimately reduce suicide rates.

Located at the West of Scotland Cricket Club in Partick and in the community room at Tesco at St Rollox Business Park in Springburn every Monday night from 7pm.

Shellsuit Bob shows off his wristband


The club was founded in memory of Grant MacDonald who sadly lost his battle with depression. Speaking to the Clyde Insider, his cousin Gary, who helped start the group said: “We are not professional experts in mental health, we are men supporting men.

He continued “The night follows a structured plan throughout, we will ask you five questions as we pass our ball around the circle. If you don’t want to talk you just pass the ball on. After our first three questions we stop for a break and we aim to be finished all five questions by 9pm.”


“We then go on to provide a mindfulness session at 9pm which teaches effective relaxation techniques. For anyone online, we provide a private Facebook group where you can talk during the week.”

River City ‘hardman’ Lenny Murdoch stomps out any lasting stereotypes.


MindtheMen emphasizes the importance of speaking out as it is the toughest thing that can be done, the carry this out by congratulating everyone who attends at the end of each meeting for doing so.

Since the group has started, MindtheMen has received support from many well-known faces, such as comedian Brian Limmond, better known as ‘Limmy,  Frank Gallacher  and Stephen Purdon aka hardman LennyMurdoch. and Shellsuit Bob’ from River City showing that it is okay to talk no matter what the circumstances are.

There is a GoFundMe page where donations can be made to allow the group to continue to grow and reach out to men who may be struggling: https://www.gofundme.com/70fw9mg

Please share this story around your friend group and make them aware of the support that is out there.



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