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Meet seventeen-year-old Sami Taylor, the talented artist behind the front cover of The New Paisley magazine.

Sami’s from a small village near Glasgow and is currently doing a one year HNC course in contemporary art at Glasgow Clyde College Cardonald. In her spare time, she teaches art to children up to the age of twelve.

As someone who struggles to even draw a stick man, I’m always very intrigued and impressed by artists. I asked her how and when she realised that she had such a natural flair for drawing.

“I have always been very creative and loved drawing from a toddler onwards and became more serious about drawing around the age of thirteen when I began drawing every day inspired by a desire to improve.”

Here at The New Paisley, we were very excited about having Sami on board and we felt that her design for the front cover brought our magazine to life and portrayed Paisley in such a vibrant way.

Sami told me that “it’s hugely exciting and it’s an honour to have designed the cover for The New Paisley. It was a project that was immensely enjoyable and I think the end result is something I’m very proud of.”

Sami gets her artistic inspiration from many artists like Roberto Ferri, Marco Grassi and Jamie Hewlett. She went on to say, “I’m extremely lucky in the fact that I can call a lot my favourite artists my friends due to having access to a vast of artists through the Internet, in a community that supports creativity in such a positive and encouraging way. Being able to pick up ideas and even collaborate with artists who I admire and look up to is something that is immensely helpful and I’m very grateful for.”

As you can imagine Sami has been keeping herself busy during lockdown by creating wonderful art both for college and commissions. She’s looking forward to continuing her studies at University next year and says that anyone who’s a little anxious about starting a course similar to hers, “should go for it and take the opportunity to absorb as much as possible.”

You can find more of Sami’s work on her Instagram @kiilusion

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