Lib Dem’s, Actually

Not so former Prime Minister, Hugh Grant, joined Liberal Democrat candidate, Chuka Umunna, to endorse pro remain candidates.

Grant is known for his roles in iconic British film’s such as, Love Actually, About a boy, Four weddings and a funeral and Notting Hill.

Standing by Chuka Umunna on a canvas in London, the fifty-nine-year-old actor said, “I don’t want to sound dramatic, although you could argue that is my job, but I really think we’re facing a national emergency.”

He also joined Liberal Democrat candidate, Luciana Berger, in Finchley and Golden Green constituency, calling Berger ‘a great candidate’ and knocking on doors and meeting everyday people.

In this election Grant is calling for voters to cast their ballots as tactical votes in order to overhaul Conservative seats.

Adding at the London canvas, “So I go round shouting vote for the person with the best chance of unseating a Tory.”

Both Berger and Umunna are former Labour MP’s who have defected to the Liberal Democrats.

YouGov reports that Berger is currently 18 points behind winning the seat according to polls and Umunna is a closer 13 points away.

The current MP for the City of Westminster, Conservative Mark Field, is stepping down from the seat in parliament after 18 years in office.

Fields resignation has made his seat a target for Jo Swinson’s candidates who are campaigning hard in the area.

Luciana Berger was formerly the MP representing Finchley and Golders Green, however this was while she stood as MP for Labour but quit the party commenting on “institutional anti-Semitism.”

One fifth of constituents in Finchley and Golders Green are Jewish people making it the largest Jewish constituency of any in the UK.

The Liberal Democrats are now counting on endorsement of celebrity Hugh Grant to win over enough voters.

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