Learning in lockdown


Students across Scotland have been coping with the current situation differently to each other, but all agree that they have felt remote learning has had an impact on their education.

Many courses, since March, have moved to online studying or a mixture of blended studying which means learning through Zoom and using materials on virtual learning environment.

Meanwhile, students cite a lack of classroom, or hands on experience with classes being a major factor in their apprehension towards remote learning.

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, is now saying that all Scots students are to be tested for the virus before they leave their student accommodation for Christmas due to the rise in case numbers of COVID-19.

Students have not been able to socialise with each other in pubs, clubs, cinemas and restaurants for the past month due to the tight restrictions.

Keriya, a student in Glasgow, told me her story.

Check the video out to see what she said.


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