Holyrood to Reject Brexit Deal

The Scottish parliament will today vote down Theresa May’s Brexit deal, in a joint party motion staged by SNP, Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Green Party.

It comes a week before the Westminster vote which is also expected to see the Brexit deal rejected.

The entire House is united in opposition of The Conservatives Brexit Bill.

This comes a day after parliament at Westminster has found its Conservative Government to be in Contempt of Parliament; leaving the Tories in a weak position at Edinburgh and London alike.

Scottish Conservative Adam Tomkins accused the SNP and Greens of bringing the motion forward as a means of “manufacturing yet more grievance as part of their push for a second independence referendum.”

However, Tomkins could be accused of overlooking the truth that the Scottish public voted against Brexit, and the plan goes against the best judgement of our Scottish Government.

Nicola Sturgeon’s clear stance is that Scotland requires “single market and customs union membership, or another referendum… ”.

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