Hilary Patterson and Heriot pupils

Both Heriot primary and the Mary Russell Primary school of Hawkhead Rd have been commended in a report for their schools’ progress on improving attainment levels.

The schools are being celebrated for the leadership of their head teachers in cultivating confident children and improving academic results.

Hilary Paterson, Head teacher of Heriot primary, has decided to show the school’s appreciation of its pupil’s hard work by awarding them a “fun day”, with activities and games taking the place of school work.

The kids are set to enjoy a special day this Thursday- packed with games and devoid of hard work- as a reward for receiving glowing praise from Education Scotland.

Ms Paterson said: “I’m incredibly proud to be the Head teacher of Heriot Primary School and our very positive inspection report reflects the dedication and commitment of our staff team.

“Together we continually strive to improve our practice to better support our children and community and improve outcomes for all. We are delighted that our inspection team identified how highly-motivated, engaged and confident our children are due to the nurturing and creative approaches we use at Heriot.”

One pupil enthused about the learning techniques they have access too: “We use the blueprint boards, pictures and materials, like cereal and playdough, to learn maths.”

Head at the Mary Russell, Julie McCallum, beamed with the same pride of her own pupils: “We are delighted with the outcomes of the report and especially pleased that inspectors recognised the strong, positive ethos and inclusive culture in our school which is built on our school values.

Julie McCallum and Mary Russell pupils

“Our approaches to wellbeing are improving outcomes for our learners and are leading to positive and sustained destinations for our young people on leaving school.

The motto of the Mary Russell goes “Be All We Can Be! Be Proud of Who We Are!”, and both the classrooms of Heriot and the Mary Russell are full of kids doing just that.

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