Heartbreak on a full moon: a review of the top 4 hits on Chris Brown’s new album

Heartbreak on a full moon is the eighth studio album released by American music sensation Chris Brown, following the recent success of music documentary “Welcome to my Life”. It contains 45 songs, said to be spanning every Breezy era so far and features many other popular artists such as Jhene Aiko, Usher, Kodak Black and Future. It’s a mix of trap, hip-hop/R&B, meaningful music and his typical songs that get everyone dancing.
Having listened to the album multiple times on the repeat (taking up many hours of my life), I’ve chosen my top 4 favourite tracks to give a short review on. I highly suggest listening to the whole album as it provokes many different emotions and it’s just good but these are the ones I enjoyed the most.

Heartbreak on a full moon, Pills & Automobiles, Privacy, and Grass ain’t Greener

1. Heartbreak on a full moon. The 5th track obviously had to give a shout-out to this track as it’s the title of the album so this is an important one. This song isn’t Breezys typical sexual track it actually has meaning behind it and it is very R&B. He’s discussing his heartbreak and how it’s left him feeling.

“Heartbreak on a full moon, ooh yeah, so right it ain’t right,
It’s because of you, you baby, because of you, you baby, yeah, yeah”

It’s as though, he is like a wolf in the moonlight, crying for a companion. He just wants his heartache to be healed; he wants her to understand the pain that he’s feeling. This provokes emotion in anyone who’s been through a similar situation or has witnessed someone go through it.

2. Pills & Automobiles ft. Yo Gotti, Kodak Black, A boogie. As the 21st track on the album, this has a completely different vibe to the first. It’s more upbeat and more of a dance track. This track is less about provoking emotion and instead getting people on the dance floor and having a good night. This is very much a more ‘typical’ Chris Brown song as it highly refers to women in sexual situations and partying.

“I’m tryna smoke, tryna get high, see it in my eyes
I know she playin’ both sides, that b***h tellin’ lies
But my d**k give her a high, she down for the ride”

There’s not really any deep meaning to explain for this one. It’s pretty self-explanatory what he’s trying to say, referencing having sex with women and smoking drugs. As I said this is much more a party track than one to provoke any emotion other than a feeling of fun. It’s personally my favourite track as I love dancing and this really makes me want to get up.

3. Privacy. As the 2nd single on the album, this reminds me a lot of a 90’s R&B track which also has an interpolation of the 90’s reggae jam “Tight up Skirt”, with modernized lyrics and beat. It’s a much slower, sensual track which is an R-rated sex-drenched single about Chris and his girl, in the joys of sex and lust. It may be another more sexual song but honestly, I feel he’s the best at making that type of music. The track refers a lot to him wanting to have that privacy with his girl.

“We don’t need nobody watching us (yikes!)
No eyes but your eyes
Ain’t nobody here but you and me”

This is just showing he doesn’t want anyone else involved, just him and his girl together. This track obviously provokes feelings that I wont quite go into but I think we all know from the lyrics what he’s trying to achieve through the tempo and lyrics.

4. Grass Ain’t Greener, the 45th and final track on the album, the conclusion. It’s a mid-tempo type of track. The first verse opens with Chris reflecting on how his girl and the world have changed without him and continues to go into him talking about how “the grass is greener on the other side”. Chris and this girl started off when she was the one “on the side.” Once his side girl became the main girl, Chris began to see her true colours. She was only ever interested in him for his money—their love wasn’t real.

“You used to be the one to talk to on the side
Waiting for my love to break up
It’s crazy how your ass can walk through every night
Acting like you been a player
That grass ain’t greener on the other side”

As he was originally talking about how his girl made the grass greener, he’s now saying that being a player isn’t better and that on that side the grass isn’t greener. He knows this as he was one himself. This track overall provokes people to think of the issues they’ve had in relationships, which many people in the world can relate to. It’s a sort of ‘everybody’ track, it’s a track that everyone could enjoy and have a feeling towards.

Overall the album so far has been a huge success, and with tracks spanning over such a wide range of music backgrounds there’s something almost everyone can listen to which is why many of its tracks are going platinum. The songs on Heartbreak on a Full Moon are professionally produced as the production level is clearly very high nor are they unlistenable, especially for a fan like myself. Many of the songs, in fact, have plenty of hooks, and only a few of which are borrowed directly from other artists. It’s certainly a step towards his ever-growing comeback. Well done Breezy, you’ve done it again.

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