Granny Goes To College – The First Of A Series By Journalism Student Margaret Fisher

First year journalism student Margaret Fisher talks about fist impressions for a mature student at college.

I am a grandmother to two small boys aged three and one, whom I love dearly. I am also a student at college.

When I told one of my adult sons I had been accepted onto the NCTJ accredited HND Practical Journalism course, he thought I was mad to go to college at my age. Secretly, during my first week, I thought he might be right, but I wasn’t going to admit it.

In this youth culture obsessed world, I am a bit sensitive about my age. Whisper it, 70 in a bit less than three years time. In my experience, as a member of the baby-boomer generation, age discrimination still quietly exists in attitudes, despite equality laws.

First Week First Impressions
students wearing ripped jeans everywhere I look, feeling out of place
girls with magazine perfect make-up and hairstyles to match
mistaken for an international student’s interpreter
sitting alone at lunchtime
trying to figure out where to save my written work on college computers
puzzling over how to use Facebook groups as that is how everyone communicates
overcrowded lifts, so climbing the stairs with heavy backpack to avoid being late for class
And that was just my first week!

Come back next week for part two.

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