Granny Goes To College – First Lecture – Princess Diana… A History Lesson?

The first class of the first morning was Public Affairs. The end of August 2017 happened to be the twentieth anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, late mother of Princes William and Harry who regularly feature in the media nowadays.

Princess Diana’s death was international news.

Diana’s death was probably the global news story of the twentieth century. The media was featuring it yet again that first week.

I was disconcerted to realise, that apart from our lecturer and me, most people in our class were not even born when she died in a car crash in Paris. It had been my intention to remain in the background until I got to know people, but from day one, it was obvious to everyone that I had living memories of that time.

One student spoke about remembering it vaguely as a young child because his Sunday morning children’s TV viewing was interrupted with the breaking news. If anything was calculated to make me feel ancient, it was that first lecture, but it was just a history lesson to my new fellow journalism students.

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