Glasgow Musicians – Need a Practice Space? LoFi!

Most musicians – Solo or otherwise – will be facing the same issue of having nowhere to practice out loud without neighbours complaining; there are three possible actions that could be taken in these situations:

1. Turn your amplifiers down, sing quietly and purchase specialised equipment such as drum dampeners or drum brushes.
2. Anger all of your neighbours by being loud.
3. Or the better option; rent out a rehearsal room!

Rehearsal rooms are indeed numerous throughout Glasgow, however, you may be far travelled from the city centre or be expected to pay a small fortune for some options.

The answer to the above problems comes in one small word: LoFi. This is a rehearsal studio based in the very centre of Glasgow – right next to Queen Street Train Station – so if you and the rest of your band (if applicable) can get into the City Centre, then LoFi is the perfect place for a practice.

LoFi has nine fully equipped rehearsal rooms available to rent, each with:
• “Mackie & LA” Audio PA systems and floor monitors.
• Three “Shure SM58” microphones
• Two guitar amplifiers with 4×12 Cabinets (Usually Marshall brand)
• One 8×10 “Ampeg” Bass Guitar Cabinet
• Drum kit with Kick drum, Snare drum, two rack toms and one floor tom, plus hi-hat and cymbal stands. (Usually Pearl, Tama or Yamaha brand)

LoFi rooms are available to book for 3-hour sessions at the following prices:
• Weekdays between 12pm and 6pm – £20
• Weekdays between 6pm and 12am – £30
• Weekends – £25
• If you book more than one session in a row, it would be £28 per each 3-hour session. And you also get a free storage locker to use!

If a band consisting of four people booked a room at 6pm until 9pm, it would cost £30, splitting that between the four would mean the room would only cost them £7.50 each for the three hours.

If your band members are lacking any accessories, they can be purchased at LoFi, and if you are in need of any instruments or cymbals, these can be rented at LoFi also, and the rental price would be added on to the room cost to be paid at the end.

If the above information hasn’t enticed you – or indeed your band – then maybe a short list of some of the notable bands who have either practiced, or recorded material in LoFi, should!

There have been artists such as: The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Twin Atlantic, Fatherson, Honeyblood, and The LaFontaines. Plus some up-and-coming artists such as: Baby Strange, Rascalton, Gerry Cinnamon, Womps, and many more!

John, from LoFi has said: “We have played host to many famous bands, but it’s so much more rewarding to watch local bands rehearsing with us over the past 10 years or so achieve success.”
Here are some images of the fully-equipped rooms that LoFi have to offer:

Room 2, one of the smaller rooms!
Room 9, one of the larger rooms!

On top of everything listed so far, there is also the ability to record your practice session with the use of the boundary mics and CD ADAT recorders placed in every room. This excellent service comes at no extra cost on top of your room. To sweeten the deal even further; there is also free tea and coffee, student discounts available and even free Wi-Fi!

Any problems arising in working the equipment, or if any equipment appears to be faulty will be quickly and efficiently resolved by any of the members of staff, each of whom are more than happy to help from the moment they are made aware of the issue.

If you have read all of this and thought: “LoFi seems like a pretty great place to practice!” then you can book a session using any of the methods listed on the “Contact Us” section of the website.

LoFi, and stardom, are waiting for you!

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