Future of Music: Appreciating Scottish Musicians

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Introducing you to some rising Scottish musicians and giving you an overview of them and their music.

We are three months into the new year, and I am already manifesting that this is the year of underrated musicians. One of my favourite things to do, which I’m sure many of you can relate to, is find new artists and songs to add to your Spotify. It’s exciting, it’s interesting and it’s a thrilling experience.

Back in 2021, I went through a hardcore phase of finding new singers to enjoy. Some being more mainstream artists, some from worldwide genres and interestingly enough, some from Scotland.

So, after spending a while with these musicians in my playlist, I came to the conclusion that I think a lot of people HAVE got to listen to them too. 

I had the opportunity to interview one of the Scottish musicians I’m sharing. I spoke with Neave Marr, singer/songwriter from Dundee. Hoping to share a bit about her music and gain more listeners, Neave answered some questions in our interview.

Neave Marr, photographed by @liammccomiskiemitchell on Instagram

Neave describes her music as “fun, relatable and energetic” and says her music inspirations are artists like Madison Beer and Mabel.

We started the interview talking about Neave’s background in her music, from when she first began challenges she has faced and how she even started her career.

How does it feel for you to finally be releasing music after waiting so long? 

Surprisingly, I’m not that nervous when I release music.

Neave said: “It’s a good feeling when you’ve been working on a song for a while, and you finally get it out there. It’s definitely one of the best feelings.”

Your career has only just started, but has there been any challenges or something you have struggled with so far?

“Production for me is the hardest part of music. At the start of my career, I didn’t have any producers or anyone I knew to work with,” Neave replied.

Neave did all the behind-the-scenes work for her first single release.

I spent my time looking at YouTube videos and researching to teach myself how to produce.

Neave has been releasing music since 2020 and is only 18 years old.

Finding artists who have started from such a young age is so inspiring for other teens, such as myself, to do the thing they’re most passionate about too. It’s admirable and definitely motivating.

You first released your single ‘Oh Boy’ in 2020 which was right in the beginning of the pandemic. Did it affect the start of your career?

“For me, the pandemic was the reason I even released music in the first place. It was always in the back of my mind but I had always wanted to.”

Much like others, Neave found the lockdown as a time to start fresh and complete a goal of hers. 

Following the release of her first EP, ‘Diary Thoughts’, she had the opportunity to support fellow Scottish singer, Be Charlotte, at Church in Dundee.

After seeing Neave’s posts on her social media, I was eager to ask how the gig went and how it felt to perform her own music live at such a young age!

That was my first proper show. The venue holds 400 people, so I was quite nervous. It was great though; I was just really nervous.

Diary Thoughts by Neave

As our interview came to an end, my last question to Neave was about her goals for this new year.

“One of my goals is to definitely go on a support tour. I’ve done a couple of shows but I want to do a full tour with someone.”

Neave added: “Another goal is to expand my support and listening base. I want people to listen to my music and be like ‘Aw I relate to that; I’ve been through a similar situation.'”

All Neave’s social medias and music can be found in the links at the bottom of this page!

I came across a few other Scottish musicians. Another artist whose career kicked off successfully during the pandemic is one who has explored different sounds and has a different vibe to his music.

After going to see the Irish band, Inhaler, in October 2021, I saw their support act for this tour, Dylan Fraser, perform, who was raised in Bathgate.

Much like Neave, Dylan is a young and motivated singer/songwriter.

Dylan’s music is definitely something I have related to a lot the past few months with the topics he discusses and how he portrays them in his art.

Listening to Dylan Frasers music is an adventure. He has experimented quite a bit with different genres, from slow guitar moments to electronic and hype beats.

His songs can be listened to in a relaxed atmosphere or even a screaming the lyrics at 3am atmosphere.


Dylan Fraser photographed by Rory Griffin

He has spoke about his sound in previous interview with readdork.com.

“I didn’t intentionally set out to explore different genres; it just happened,”

My music is always just a bunch of thoughts and feelings.

When exploring new music, it has always been a thing for me to look for artists who release realistic and relatable songs.

In the same interview Fraser said: “The best artists show all sides of themselves; it’s not like they can just do one thing. I want to do the same.”

Dylan has released an EP and his first album between 2020 and 2021.

Cover photo of Dylan’s hit song, ‘Nightmare’

His album ‘The Storm’ and his EP ‘The World Isn’t Big When You Know How It Works’ can be found on music platforms and YouTube and are definitely worth a listen!

NEAVE MARR LINKS: All links to Neave, her social medias and website can be found on, https://linktr.ee/neave .

DYLAN FRASER LINKS: Dylan’s website which holds information on where to find him on social media and music updates can be found on, https://www.dylanfrasermusic.com/  .

DYLAN INTERVIEW: A link to Dylan’s interview I spoke about can be found here: https://readdork.com/features/dylan-fraser-september-2021/ .

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