Farmers + New Laws = Riots!

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By Shwan Haddad

What’s happening?

Riots, death and destruction, are taking over what were peaceful protests in India

Farmers in India are continuing protests which began in August of 2020, but they seem to getting even more tense as each day goes by.

They started when Prime Minister Narendra Modi passed three farming bills.

These acts have been described as “anti-farmer” laws that would leave farmers “at the mercy of the corporates”.

What these acts do is essentially expand private sector involvement, i.e allowing for more e-commerce, but in turn do take some items off the “essential commodities” list.

Both supporters and detractors of the movement  are at each other’s throats due to the violence erupting from both the protesters and the police.

protesting farmers on a tractor.

Riots and deaths

So far, between 135 to 157 protesters are dead.

This is a result of the clashes as well as suicides (what protesters are calling martyrs) and with the way it’s looking, these figures could rise.

This is according to several Indian news sites such as Telegraph India and Wikipedia.

There has also been much damage to infrastructure.

Around 1,500 telecom towers have sustained damaged since the 28th of December according to the Hindustan times.

Main issue ?

The main issue is images from the Red Fort in Old Delhi, of protesters antics.

Hundreds where seen with flags and one man climbed a flag pole.

People were also seen waving controversial “Khalistani flags” as well as climbing on top of the fort.

Those against the movement take issue with the flags being used as the symbol of the protest as well.

Many people against the protests are saying that this is now a ‘Khalistani nationalist’ (Sikh nationalist) movement rather than a farmers movement:

Others are hitting back by saying that the flags are different and have nothing to do with such a movement.

There has also been outrage over possible disrespect for the Indian tricolour.

An image of a man on a flagpole caused this controversy as it is thought he ripped the flag off.

Others are claiming that there was no flag there in the first place.

From what can be told there was no flag there.

Are weapons being used?

Images of protesters armed with swords and sticks, destroying things as well as using tractors to barging into buses or to intimidate police are causing a stir.

However due to the deaths of the protesters many are also asking the question, “who is responsible for that?”

Many against the protests call the protesters “terrorists” due to the rioting and are calling for action to be taken against them.

One twitter user uses the hashtag “shoot” as a possible suggestion for a course of action.:

However they aren’t the only ones seen using sticks, as the riot police are taking a similar course of action.

In fact many claim that it is the police who resorted to violence first, but there are hopeful signs coming to light.

Here we see a farmer protecting a police officer from protesters.:

Prime Minister Modi himself is also being criticised for his chosen course of action, i.e. not talking to the farmers.

However, there are many calls for peace from both sides as this one twitter user did:

Tell us what you think!

Will this be resolved?

What do you think is going to happen?

Tell us what you think in the comments and contact us if you have something to share.


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