Erskine Community Council has joined together with local residents to provide support and assistance to the local community

Michelle Woods

Erskine Community Council has teamed up with residents to create a Joint Task Force team that will provide assistance and support for the local community who are self-isolating.

The Joint Task Force is offering assistance in shopping, collecting prescriptions, and distributing care packages to the elderly and vulnerable, and those affected by financial strain.

Jacqui Reid, Vice-Chairperson, Erskine Community Council, said: “The Task Force is working well – we’ve been distributing care packages to the elderly, vulnerable and people affected by financial hardship.

“Matthew at the Salvation Army has decided to concentrate his efforts on his contacts, but the Community Council has taken up the slack so we’re still providing people with the same level of support.

“We are providing soup & pud, welfare calls and care packages.”

The Task Force has been distributing posters and providing leaflets to residents for them to fill in and outline what help and assistance they require.

Vice Chairperson, Jacqui Reid, spoke of the fears raised by local residents and the response the Task Force has received.

“Concerns at the moment in the community are mental health and financial hardship.

“People are worried, upset and confused to be honest, volunteers are buoyant and keen to help.”

“We have had a large number of requests for help but equally a huge offer of assistance and resources including food.”

“I hope the community will be enriched after this experience.”

Below is the full statement issued by Erskine Community Council, with details for residents on how they can get in contact and require assistance.

“In response to the most current advice and the impact that this will have on us all, Erskine Community Council is offering assistance in coordinating the support offered by local residents. If you can be a point of contact for a small area – neighbouring streets, your own street, your block of flats – then please let us know by commenting below. We have attached a form here which can be printed and shared amongst those to whom your own assistance is available. If you don’t have access to printing facilities then we can provide the leaflets which will allow your fellow residents to request assistance. We can arrange to have these delivered to a location which suits you best. Once distributed, those in isolation can call if they require shopping, prescription collection or even just some conversation. In addition to these forms, we also have material which can be used to identify the need for social distancing when dropping off goods. Again, whilst these can be printed off by all, please let us know if you require printed copies to be delivered to you. We are grateful, and incredibly fortunate, to have a community in which many of our residents are carrying out these services for friends, family and neighbours – this group aims to help ensure that no one is overlooked. We’re acutely aware that this is a challenging period for communities across the country and it’s prudent that we all come together and do whatever we can for our local areas. Please let us know if you have any ideas which will help our community more effectively support one another.”

Jacqui Reid


Erskine Community Council

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