English school abandons LGBT education after protests from parents

The ‘No Outsiders’ education programme, which teaches children about LGBT issues, has been suspended at a school in England following protests from parents.

The programme, conceived by Andrew Moffet, Assistant Head at Parkfield Community in Birmingham, embeds LGBT education into the school’s curriculum, to promote a ‘culture of inclusion’.

The programme has now been put on hold by the school, after fierce opposition from parents and religious groups who say that the teaching of LGBT issues has no place in the classroom.

Colin Diamond, Professor of Educational leadership at Birmingham University, said: “The teaching of LGBT issues must continue, if we want to protect the values that are enshrined in British Law.”

Speaking to Schools Week, Diamond said that: “Ugly scenes outside school every morning were frightening children.”

Petitions have been circulated by parents who wish to see other schools in the area suspend the programme. As reported in Birmingham Live, children have been pulled from school in protest of the inclusive education model.

The staunch resistance to the programme is in stark contrast to the TIE Campaign (Time for inclusive education) which powered through The Scottish Parliament and resulted in the passing of legislation which promotes inclusive education across all schools in Scotland.

The SNP’s Stewart McDonald
voices his frustration at the recent events

Resolution talks are now in progress between educators and parents, to take back control over the curriculum, and to get kids back into the classroom. “We will not allow any attempts to narrow the curriculum, or to deny our children and young people their right to education” said Diamond.

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