Another destination added to the UK quarantine list amid spike in coronavirus cases

Dubai has now been added to the UK quarantine list after a surge in coronavirus cases and public figures flocking there for holidays.

Dubai has been added to the already lengthy UK quarantine list due to the large increase in cases that the UK is now facing.

Could this also be because of the amount of influencers and those in the public eye travelling there for holidays even though we are in the midst of a global pandemic?

As of today, those returning to the UK from Dubai must quarantine for 10 days.

Transport secretary Michael Matheson said: “The evidence from Test and Protect of cases originating from Dubai caused us real concern over the weekend, and we took targeted emergency action to require travellers to isolate.”

Credit: Julian Herzog

He also made a comment about non-essential travellers making their way to and from Dubai:

“Whether or not an overseas destination has been designated for quarantine restrictions, our message remains clear that people should not currently be undertaking non-essential foreign travel.

“People need to stay at home to help suppress the virus, protect our NHS and save lives.”

Over the past weeks we have seen many in the public eye flaunt lockdown rules such as Celtic on their trip to Dubai.

Although they were given the go ahead, many, including the first minister questioned whether it was really a necessity to travel all the way to Dubai to train, not stay safe and not leave the country during lockdown.

Backlash also came from this as they were photographed relaxing and drinking on a beach.

There has also been an influx of influencers travelling to Dubai over these past few weeks.

As of today, if there is failure to comply with the rules of quarantine after travelling to and from Dubai,  individuals who do not complete the form and present it when asked on arrival may be fined £60.

The fine can be doubled for each subsequent offence up to a maximum of £480.


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