Do fans want league reconstruction?

Day by day it’s an ever-changing landscape for football and sports across the globe.

Coronavirus is hitting the footballing world hard as all leagues and competitions are still suspended.

The SPFL has announced that the Championship, League One and League Two seasons are over after Dundee completed their u-turn to vote yes in the resolution proposed to all 42 member clubs passing with an 81 approval rate.

The league tables are taken as they stand. Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers are champions and will be promoted whilst Partick Thistle, Stranraer and Brechin finished last.

The bottom three sides have been relegated, however, that does not necessarily mean moving down a league. The SPFL has announced they are committed to consulting on possible league restructuring for the next campaign. Ann Budge and Hamilton Academical chairman, Les Gray, have both been appointed to lead a reconstruction task force.

Reconstruction would see all leagues except the Premiership stay the same size, while the top flight would see two additional sides. This would also mean there will be no relegation across all four divisions with Hearts, Partick Thistle and Stranraer saved. Bottom-placed League Two side Brechin would also remain in the fourth tier although this will be the case regardless.

With the possibility of a 14 team league next campaign, fans will once again be divided into Yes or No categories. The Clyde Insider launched a poll on Instagram to find out how big or tight the difference in opinions were.

The results showed that the majority of fans who voted are for league reconstruction with 74% voting yes and 26% voting no. One voter had his say on the matter:

“It’s obvious that a change in the league structure is what the fans want, but I think personally it’s far too expensive and messy a move to try and achieve. The league has totally betrayed us.”

Hearts Owner, Ann Budge has proposed “speed is of the essence” if reconstruction has a “fighting chance” of being agreed.

“Do I have some doubts? I do.

“But if we can quickly enough and transparently enough give everybody a say and avoid some of the mistakes made previously, then we have a fighting chance to get a reasoned and sensible vote.

“I would like to see that happening very quickly. A couple of weeks. Other people are saying the end of May. I think the end of May is too long, but I might be proved wrong.

“As quickly as possible get to the point where we can say this is what we think can work for the coming season and it will resolve the issue of unfairness. Two or three weeks maximum.”

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