Coronavirus and the college: the latest

GLASGOW Clyde College has been gripped with fear after a student was confirmed to be infected with Covid-19.

The college is forging ahead with Government recommendations to remain open and continue classes, despite confirmation of the case at Langside campus over the weekend.

A spokesperson for the college said: “We are following the advice of the relevant public health bodies and Scottish and UK governments and the college will remain open and teaching will continue. All students and staff members must observe the latest government guidance. Anyone showing even minor symptoms should not attend any college campus and immediately self-isolate for a minimum period of seven days. Any individual in this position should advise their faculty office by telephone as soon as possible.”

Principal teaching staff from each campus are liaising daily while the situation remains under constant evaluation.

College Principal Jon Vincent, said: “We are aware that there are many rumours circulating and would urge staff to reassure students that the College is following the Government advice and we will keep them updated in any change to their ability to attend.”

Those exhibiting minor symptoms are being told to self-isolate for at least seven days.

If those symptoms of a persistent dry cough and/or fever continue or worsen during this time the advice is to call 111 or your GP.

Otherwise there is no need to call the helpline or the doctor.

Professor Jason Leitch, the Scottish Government’s national clinical director stressed the importance of keeping calm.

He told the BBC: “Just know the advice for people (showing symptoms) is to go about their business as usual. Don’t panic buy. Make sure you’ve got your medicines in place. Make sure you have got friends who can look after you and know where you are.”

Jason Leitch. Scottish clinical director

Some 4,087 negative tests had already been carried out in Scotland, with 153 confirmed cases on Monday morning.

Students from the college shared their thoughts on the current situation and why they think it is unsafe for them to attend.

Amy Duffy said: “My dad is on cancer medication that wrecks his immune system, so I’m not risking it. Nor will I be going into work from now on. My brother has a cough and so can’t attend school, but my parents simply can’t take any time off work. If not for me he would have to stay with our grandparents which in itself is just too dangerous.”

Another student, Danielle McAdam has had grandparents take ill: “My gran has been tested and is in isolation awaiting results. I have spent time with her this week and was travelling between Glasgow and Dundee on busy public transport. It’s just not safe for me to be in class.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said in a Tweet there is no difference between the four nations on care for the elderly.

In Scotland the official advice for the elderly and infirm will be to minimise social contact.

Some Fleet Street papers have claimed officials south of the border are expected to tell the elderly to strictly self-isolate.

Official advice from the Scottish Government can be found at .

By William McFadyen and Lucy Smith

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