Meet our team!

Ramsay Beattie – Editor

Hey, I’m Ramsay, the Editor of the New Paisley. I’ll be leading the team to print in March and between time look forward to loads of online content on the insider.



Eve Jarvis – Assistant Editor and Head of Advertising

Hey! I’m Eve and I’m the head of advertising. It’s my job to find you the best business in town to showcase for you in the magazine. Keep your eye out for the New Paisley come March.



Michelle Woods – Head of Features and Columns

Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m the Features and Columns editor. Story telling is my passion, all things uplifting, mysterious and intriguing. Find all this in our mag!



Eric Lyrios – Head of Entertainment

Hello! I’m Eric, your Entertainment Editor. I am obsessed with movies, tv and pop culture and you can expect content that is funny, fresh and interesting.



Ben Burns – Head of Sports

Hi, I’m Ben and the Sports Editor for New Paisley. As an avid football fan, I’m excited to bring some interesting stories to our site and our upcoming magazine about the beautiful game and beyond.



Billy McFadyen – Head of News and Politics

Hey, it’s Billy here, the News Editor for the New Paisley and Clyde Insider. Growing up in Paisley I’ve felt the pulse of the town as it lives and breathes. Our stories will show just why we all want to live in this community.



Scott Nicol – Head of Design

Hi, I’m Scott, Head of Design. I’m responsible for bringing our exciting New Paisley magazine alive on paper!