Complementary Therapy is the way forward – says Chris Dodds

Our HNC Practical Journalism students have been fortunate enough to attend a holistic clinic run by Level Six Wellness and Spa Therapy students at our Cardonald campus’ Salon. The Spa Therapy students are offering Lifestyle and Guided Relaxation as part of their Managing Stress unit. The experience has been very beneficial for our journalism students, in allowing them to feel more relaxed, as a result, produce a better quality of college work, as our first year student Chris Dodds reports.

When being told to find your inner chakra, you may often find it quite patronising and don’t realise how important it actually is. Being told to relax is easier said than done when you consider your daily routine; commuting, work, doing stuff around the house, maybe even exercise of some sort. It all adds up and you get very little time to look after yourself.

When originally being given the opportunity to undergo complementary therapy, in this case relaxation techniques I was skeptical if it would actually work. When meeting Kirsty, she explained the science behind energy building up inside your body which builds up stress and anxiety and ultimately needs to be released. Eliminating any doubts I had previously
Your chakra is unique to you and one of the most crucial things I found out about this experience is that being able to talk to someone about your lifestyle and struggles is probably the best therapy you could get. We discussed at length what the issues where and how I could create more time for myself and use that time more effectively.

The techniques used helped eliminate stress injuries that I had gained in my calf and some deep tissue work on pressure points along with some breathing exercises has opened up a whole new world in ‘self-help’, eliminating any stereotypes that were previously there. I had never realised the impact taking an hour out for yourself before and the techniques used helped me get into a relaxed state. It was visible that it was making an impact and I felt a difference in the quality of my work and time spent elsewhere felt more useful and effective.

I would recommend to anyone to take up an opportunity like this and become more self-aware and reap the benefits of complemenatry therapy.

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