Cardonald Workers Shield Primary School Children from Dead Body Horror

By Danielle McAdam, Lucy Smith, Scott Nicol, William McFadyen, and Daniel Matthews

A body was found on a Cardonald primary school’s grounds yesterday afternoon.

Workmen made the shocking discovery whilst working in a graveyard adjacent to Our Lady of Rosary primary school.

The workmen promptly alerted the school’s head teacher who contacted Police Scotland.

The graveyard is currently understood to be “on lockdown” whilst the police continue to investigate the unexplained death.

Yesterday pupils were kept inside all day as investigations were carried out.

The school is open today, however our source tells us there is a strong police presence onsite in order to guide pupils through alternative entrances.

Police Officers enter School – Credit Scott Nicol

A parent whose daughter attends the school said there is an alarming amount of police presence for something being treated as ‘unexplained’

She said parents of pupils ‘didn’t get told anything from the school,’ only that an incident had occurred and police were dealing with it.

She continued: “My daughter, who’s in primary, came out and said it’s a bomb threat. But I went around the parents and one of the parents told me it was a body.”

The mother, who has said ‘there’s always people drinking, taking drugs in the graveyard,’ claims that the death could be linked to anti-social behaviour and a lack of security in the graveyard.

The Clyde Insider reached out to Police Scotland who confirmed the body was discovered at 12:30pm yesterday, and that an autopsy would take place later today.

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