Bringing Scotland’s Past back to life

Derek Binnie, 62, is delighting his followers by colouring old photographs of Scotland and sharing them on Twitter.

Christmas at the Gorbals in 1970


The grandfather of two served for 30 years in the Royal Air Force as an Aircraft Weapons Technician. After RAF, he became a Health and Safety Officer until 2018 when he decided to retire.

Lulu at the Glasgow Pavilion in March 1975.



It was at that point, that he started “mucking around an old iPad” and he realised could create good images for Hibernian football club fans. Then, he decided to try and colourise historical photos with amazing results.



Heart of Midlothian F.C. and Hibernian F.C. 1953/1954



Each photograph can take up to 5 hours to produce. Some of his most popular work includes a girl wearing a “Vote SNP” badge in 1974.

Gorbals 1975



Recently, he was commissioned by Keiss FC to colour some images of the club’s history. To see more of Derek’s work, you can visit his Twitter profile at @binzoboy.

Edinburgh Princes Street early 1930s.




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