The Ball family phenomenon in Lithuania goes on

“Labas vakaras” – this is how LaVar Ball says good evening to Lithuanians.

To be honest, I expected that the Ball family would stick to basketball only – the brothers LiAngelo and LaMelo will play for BC Vytautas Prienai-Birstonas and the father LaVar has astonished some by joining Vytautas as an assistant coach.

But Lithuania doesn’t stop! Here we see him at domestic music awards M.A.M.A babbling around and showing off his sons. A small percentage of the Ball family followers would think “what is M.A.M.A” and maybe some die-hard music lovers will look for footage and records from the event.

LaMelo and LiAngelo in the middle of M.A.M.A Awards hosts Mantas Stonkus and Mantas Katleris

The Americans tend to joke about LaVar’s every step and Lithuania itself. Most likely Lithuania will have a sure candidate for president.

And that’s what they do: talent. Not basketball, as sport, but the focused management of masses by minimal investments.

And here I’d like to contradict those, who says that basketball players earn the popularity by their sweat and these sports figures who gave so much dedication to this sport see that the Balls have more than themselves.

There is some truth in this statement, but what is really hindering to raise their popularity? In any kind of sports, an athlete must have something more to come into notice. Simply it’s called charisma. There are lots of champions in the world, but only few are remembered.

Something more could also be scandals, but they work for a short period of time only. It’s better to have both charisma and an ability to do scandals.

Michael Jordan lived at the times, when players didn’t earn as much as nowadays, but MJ packed his wealth by fostering his image. The other current basketball players and legends didn’t pay attention to this so much. Contrast is clear.

The Ball family doesn’t have sports accomplishments. LaVar Ball faintly played at college for year. But all this family combined leaves much bigger mark than a typical NBA All-Star player.

Who’s got a bigger problem?

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