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How did we adjust to lockdown and how will this help us in future lockdowns?

There is absolutely no doubt that the current pandemic has played an effect on people’s mental health all around the world. However, for some, there was a positive change to their mental state, such as taking up a new hobby or finding time for an old one or sticking to a strict diet plan and exercise regime to better themselves for when the world would suddenly return to some sort of normal.

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Learning in lockdown

Students across Scotland have been coping with the current situation differently to each other, but all agree that they have felt remote learning has had an impact on their education.

Many courses, since March, have moved to online studying or a mixture of blended studying which means learning through Zoom and using materials on virtual learning environment.

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Third Lanark: How the club’s memory is being kept alive

Third Lanark were a former Scottish football juggernaut, folding in 1967, but the memory of ‘The Thirds’ hasn’t disappeared along with the club itself. It is being kept alive through amateur side – Third Lanark AFC, and the remnants of their old stadium – Cathkin Park, which is housed by a youth team formed in memory of Scottish football great, Jimmy Johnstone.