Whitening Chyna?

Model and reality tv star ‘Blac Chyna’ has faced backlash after announcing plans to sell skin whitening creams to Nigerians at a shocking $250 per jar

Chyna posted to Instagram on Monday to inform her millions of followers that she was partnering up with skincare brand Whitenicious and heading to the African country of Nigeria to sell expensive, gold infused whitening cream. Blac Chyna is no stranger to promoting company’s products, however her latest post has sparked controversy and disgust amongst the general public.

Angry followers took to twitter to express their concerns, one user said: “@Blac Chyna is taking advantage of the insecurities of colourism and self hate. She is disgusting. Skin whitening cream is horrible. This should not be advertised and she is choosing Africa for a reason. Shameful.”

Another said: “Why’s Blac Chyna coming to Lagos to launch and promote her bleaching cream? We’re fighting for self-love here and she’s literally spitting on our faces. I’m beyond disgusted at this point.”

Colourism in Africa is a huge problem, paler tones of skin are more desirable, and women will go to extreme lengths to alter their skin tone. The World Health Organisation has reported that shockingly 77% of Nigerian women bleach their skin daily.

Whitenicious describes itself as a ‘A luxury skincare brand’ and states that: “Whitenicious Intimate brightening cream is a safe and powerful skin lightening cream which has been developed specifically for the intimate areas of the body.”

These creams contain high levels of Mercury that have damaging effects on the liver, can cause skin scarring and even cancer.

‘YourFavOnlineDoctor’ tweeted: “As you await the launch of Blac Chyna bleaching products in Lagos this weekend, this is a simple reminder that you are about to buy a cream that will ruin your kidneys, destroy your natural skin, compromise your liver, make you vulnerable to skin cancer and slowly end your life.

People have described Blac Chyna as being “wicked” for encouraging the use of these harmful creams and claim that she is exploiting the epidemic of colourism in African countries for her own selfish gain.

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