There’s no place like home – Tasha Hall wonders how aliens might perceive us

Tasha has written this monologue from an alien’s perspective visiting earth. It focuses on how the alien sees civilization and how it differs from life back on his own planet. It gives an insight from a different perspective; what people and the atmosphere are like. There is a strong message beneath the monologue, which highlights the simple phrase- ‘there is no place like home’.

How would aliens perceive planet Earth?

“This is it, there is no turning back now; the skyscrapers shadow my figure dragging me into a new atmosphere, a new world. I am not in my familiar surroundings anymore. Unable to keep my mind steady, I long to be back amongst my own kind. Stuck in amongst the dirt and grime of the city, I question where I now inhabit. Freedom, change and new beginnings. This is what I always wanted but the overhanging fear of a new life ahead engulfs my sanity.
The stench of staleness rushes through my nostrils as I wander down the haunting alleyways, broken glass bottles of substances unbeknown to me are scattered on the ground like the stars spread across the sky by the familiar galaxies. How do these humans survive in this atmosphere? A chaotic environment; chanting and screaming sends my head spinning, I am not used to this noise like these humans are. I did not expect it to be like this:  perhaps I expected too much. Perhaps my hopes were too high for this world. I imagined happy, peaceful, joyful surroundings but life down here is perhaps not the same as life back home: for it appears life is much darker, colder and more mysterious down here.
I feel like I stick out amongst the crowds of people like a sore thumb, as I have heard the humans say, hiding my figure with the cape I brought with me, but I cannot hide my face. My slit-like eyes and pinpoint head seem to be rather alien to these humans; they have strange round heads and big round eyes – it is the strangest sight I have ever seen.
My legs buckle beneath me as I strain to keep on walking under the weight of this atmosphere. The sights around me, ugly and dull, they are not getting any brighter; the sun set long ago and the moon is at its apex. Booming sounds echo through the buildings, flashing lights seep into my eyes as I watch hysterical humans with strange coloured hair. Dressed in the most peculiar outfits they flee through the streets like wild animals. Oh, how I long to go home.
I find a quiet street somewhere away from all the hustle and bustle and I lie down in an alleyway nearby. I am filled with nostalgia while I think of home; my people, the atmosphere and the comfort of my own surroundings.
The sun is rising; the noise is fading into nothing; it must be safe now to continue my journey. At this point, I am no longer sure I wish to pursue it.

Dorothy’s iconic ruby slippers took her home to Kansas

I am home now, there is no more waiting. My companions greet me with excitement as they eagerly await to hear the stories from planet earth; sadly, I do not have anything exciting to tell. Life is strange as an alien, it can be lonely. However, sometimes it takes an eye-opening experience to realise there is no place like home.

Tasha Hall

Tasha is originally from Fort William in the Highlands. She's now living in central Glasgow as a student journalist at Glasgow Clyde College, and the Creative Writing Editor for the Clyde Insider. Her ambitions are to gain a deep understanding of the journalism industry, and build a strong portfolio to go on to University. She enjoys writing a variety of things including poetry, beauty related articles and features. Criminal and investigative news pieces also interest her a lot, she is hoping the course will guide her to a more specific path within journalism. She has always had a deep passion for writing, which started in school studying English and the interest grew further. In her spare time, she enjoys going out, playing guitar and maintaining her online blog which focuses on poetry and beauty.

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