Strands of Love – Things to Keep in Mind for Your Hair this Summer!

When it comes to hair, we idealise summer – sun kissed locks and dried beachy waves. But realistically, it is the worst time for your hair. So, spending hours on end in chlorine may not be the best of ideas…

High ponytails & Top knots – Summer is a ‘throw your hair up’ season, having your hair up taut for long periods of time damages your hairline and can cause distress. The tug of the bobble at the end is not a very comfortable feeling either.

Air-conditioning – As much of a luxury it is when you are sweating buckets (quite literally), this rips out the moisture of your hair. Excessive use of this will suck the life out of your hair. Leave an overnight hair mask to lock the moisture back in!

Wet brushing – Of course, being on holiday means an endless cycle of ‘beach, sweat, pool & shower’ but your hair being constantly wet can cause weakness and breakage of hair when you tug on them tangles! Hair strands become heavier in water so be patient with it and use a de-tangling brush and spray.

The sun – There is no SPF cream for your hair, however we all know that cooking your head in the heat is not the best way to go about it if you are wanting healthy hair. Coverage is your friend when it comes to tackling the dullness and breakage (especially if you dye it).

A gentle reminder… applying oil to your hair will save you the hassle of random hairs falling out each time you put your fingers through it. Coconut and castor oil are the two most efficient oils to keeping your hair looking healthy, smooth and strong! Massaging this in your scalp will promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Trust me on this one.

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