A Special Message From Our Editor!

This 2017 is coming to an end and here at the Clyde Insider we wish you all happy holidays!

This past few months we had a blast keeping you informed and entertained, we received some great response to our website already and we hope to engage our readers even more in the new year.

You can influence our content by giving us feedback and sending us stories. You can contact the paper at clydeinsidermedia@gmail.com and the editor at sara_l@gmx.co.uk, you can also get in touch through Facebook and leaving comments on single articles online.

We will continue to publish content over the break, so don’t forget to check the website every once in a while.

We would like to thank all the staff of Glasgow Clyde College for doing a wonderful job and giving us a great learning experience.
Have fun, recharge and stay safe for these holidays!

Whichever winter festivity you celebrate, we hope it’s bright and joyous for all of you.

See you in the new year!

Sara Lovallo

Sara is a journalism student at Glasgow Clyde College. Her passion for writing brought her to Glasgow in 2017 to start her education as a journalist after three years of home education. She has explored many areas of writing, seeing her first published work in a poetry contest at the age of 14, winning first prize in a national journalism contest in 2013. A blogger, her website covers the subject of home-education and her personal journey in education. Before becoming part of the Clyde Insider, she contributed to a local Italian newspaper, Ravenna WebTV, during a working stage in her home town.

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