Pro-Choice Activists Rally in George Square to Protest 40 Days for Life Demonstration

Pro-choice activists were out in force to protest the ending of an anti-abortion groups 40-day campaign.

Around 100 activists gathered in George square to protest against the vigil, the demonstration was organised by local pro-choice groups in association with Rise.
Demonstrators took to chanting “Not the church, not the state, woman must decide our fate.”

Elaine Graham who organised the counter demonstration against the group said: “ I organised this because I came here last year and I was really shocked that this group were able to organise this, no one else seemed to know about it, it only felt right to have my voice and other women’s voices heard, we shouldn’t be silenced by these people.

I think the choice over abortion is important because a lot of people are in a difficult situation where they can’t have children due to medical issues or aren’t able to look after them, the right to chose should never be taken away from woman.

I think it’s a bit rich being told by the police to move back because we’re harassing them when they stand outside hospitals and clinics harassing woman trying to get medical help.”

40 days for life are an international, religious based, ‘pro-life’ group that campaigns against abortion in around 20 countries worldwide, the group was formed in 2004 in Texas.
The groups website says the campaign consists of 40 days of prayer and fasting to ‘show local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighbourhoods and draw attention to the evil of abortion’.

An ex-Strathclyde police officer who was speaking at the 40 days for life vigil, said: “I believe everyone has the right to life and no one should take that away from them.
All we’re doing here is praying for everyone, we pray for mothers and children and we would like everyone to have life.

Sometimes there are emergencies where somebody dies but that’s part of an emergency and not a direct deliberate action, these things happen”
“It’s up to god to decide who lives and dies, it’s not up to you me or anyone else for that matter.”

The speaker refused to answer whether he or the group opposed all abortions.

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