Local Resident Witnesses Glasgow West End Blaze

A blaze in the West End of Glasgow, in the early hours of this morning, woke a resident of Crown
Circus, Dowanhill who was alarmed the flat above her was on fire.

Jane Quigley, television producer and lecturer at Glasgow Clyde College, was roused from sleep by
the smell of burning wood just after 4am and at first assumed her upstairs neighbour’s kitchen was
alight. In her alarm, her first thoughts were what she should pack up before fleeing her property –
herself, her dog and some personal belongings.

Instead, she rushed to the front of her home and saw flashing blue lights across the road at Crown
Road North, with men moving frantically back and forth, looking at a blazing roof.

Ms Quigley said: “It felt like the fire was spreading uncontrollably and at that point I could only see
two fire engines. It was hard to see if people were evacuated because of the railings and some
roadworks, but I could see some young people out in their pyjamas.

Fire blaze seen from Crown Circus.

“The fire spread to a second house in the terrace. They didn’t manage to get the fire under control
for over an hour. I couldn’t sleep until I knew it was under control, which was about 5.30 in the
morning. My flat and everything in it smells of smoke.”

The properties affected by the blaze are desirable period townhouses made of red sandstone, with
traditional black and white doors, in a sought-after leafy suburb of the city.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said they were called to the scene at 4.20am where crews
found a ‘well developed fire’. Forty firefighters tackled the blaze. Residents were evacuated and
there were no reports of any injuries.

Margaret Fisher

Margaret is a mature student studying practical journalism with the objective of making a career change writing for magazines, copywriting and PR. She currently works part-time in human resources specialising in employment law. She has a background in business development, management and training, at one time working for Highlands & Islands Enterprise when she lived in Inverness. During her career she has written articles for business publications and for a Scottish magazine. For fun she likes to keep fit, plays bridge, mahjong and sings in a community choir.

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