Hey big spender- Scotland splashes the cash on Christmas, with an average of £413.80 to be spent on Christmas presents alone.

By Lucy Smith

Not in the Festive spirit yet? In the words of our favourite Christmas elf Buddy “Don’t be a cotton – headed ninny – muggings”. Christmas is a time to over indulge

whether that be stuffing your face with mince pies, having a second helping of turkey or enjoying some mulled wine. It’s a time for relaxing, visiting family and

overspending. Wait, what was that last part again?

It’s estimated that over the Christmas period in 2018, Britain will spend £868. This figure goes up just £6 more than the average spent in 2002. A survey by the Mail

Online said: “Spending on food, drink and decorations is set to increase this year as the festive season approaches. However, most people still ultimately plan to spend less

on Christmas presents”.

Research taken from the Mail Online said: “ On average people buy presents for 12 members of their family or friends, with a third of people saying the most expensive

gift they buy will be for a child, followed by 16%, who will spend most on their wives, and just 7% who will spend most on their husbands”.


Perhaps you might be intrigued to realise that Scottish people spend the most on buying Christmas gifts in the UK. Statistics from the Mail Online said: “An average of

£413.80’ is spent on presents, while those in the South will spend the least at £335.43”.

Additionally, Data from the Mail Online also suggests that: “People will spend a total of 178.89 on food and drink during the festivities. And a surprisingly low percentage

told the Mail Online that they would do the majority of their Christmas shopping over the internet”.

Hopefully you’ve been good this year, otherwise you could run the risk of Santa not coming.

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