Granny Goes To College – The Interpreter?

I sit in class beside a very nice international student whose English, spoken with a pleasant accent, is excellent.

During our first week, the second year HND journalism students joined our class for the ‘mingle’, an afternoon of getting to know each other and finding out just what we were letting ourselves in for in studying journalism for two years.

They gave us newbies lots of good advice, from their own experiences of first year, and answered our queries on various aspects of the course we were just embarking on. Much of the small group conversations in the room revolved around us each sharing the reason we chose to study journalism.

One of the second years, on hearing my colleague’s accent, asked me if I was the interpreter. I burst out laughing. The disconcerted look on his face told me that, it had never crossed his mind, as I sat amongst the first years, I could be a student. This proved to be a pleasant ice-breaker.

Margaret Fisher

Margaret is a mature student studying practical journalism with the objective of making a career change writing for magazines, copywriting and PR. She currently works part-time in human resources specialising in employment law. She has a background in business development, management and training, at one time working for Highlands & Islands Enterprise when she lived in Inverness. During her career she has written articles for business publications and for a Scottish magazine. For fun she likes to keep fit, plays bridge, mahjong and sings in a community choir.

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