Glaswegian man that identifies as a car gears up for national rally later this month

Jack Gray, 18, is due to participate in the next round of the ARR Craib MSA Scottish Rally Championships, with this round set to be hosted in Dumfries

Having come last in the previous three stages, he is making efforts to ensure a higher finish this time around:

“I’ve been hitting the gym a lot more recently, especially all the treadmills and stuff. As you can see I’ve also cut off all my hair, more aerodynamic and that I’ve been told.

Hmmm, what else, Mo Farah’s recently disgraced coach Alberto Salazar got in touch because he “likes what I’m trying to achieve,” but I wouldn’t want to be associated with a weirdo like that.”

There has been outrage however, from fans of the rally claiming that Jack’s actions are undermining the integrity of the sport and devaluing any medals that may be won.



Robert McFadden, member of racing website posted:

“I dunno who sanctioned this, but the sight of a man chasing cars around a field is making my lip twitch with anger. Utterly preposterous!”

Tracy, Jack’s mother, leapt to his defence however:

“Jack’s always been passionate about racing, yeah ever since he was a young boy. Used to run around drinking that canned petrol stuff, what’s it called? Yeah that Red Bull.”

Kieran Topper

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