Gerald’s Game – Stephen King is a God

After hearing all the hype about Stephen King’s ‘Gerald’s Game’, it was a must see.

Just wow.

With it being a Netflix adaptation, I was partly sceptical but Netflix has had a good run in 2017 with their Netflix originals. There’s no amount of words to explain the creativity that has went in to this film.

From start to finish you are left with this gut wrenching feeling and the ever recalling question of, “What will happen?”. In all fairness, this movie is oddly confusing at points and doesn’t answer many questions that should have been in order to conclude the movie fully. But the cinematography and plot is what keeps the ball rolling on this particular movie.

For those who haven’t seen the trailer or even heard of the movie, Gerald’s Game is about a middle aged couple going to a secluded lake house to rekindle their love for each other. As you can see from the movie posters, the woman’s husband dies while she is handcuffed to the bed due to a sex game gone wrong. This woman then has to not only survive her own hallucinations of some pretty messed up memories coming back in to play, all while trying to escape.

Now there is a fair warning on some of the scenes in this movie. Pretty gruesome and that’s coming from someone who enjoys the Saw franchise far too much.

The ending was probably the most disappointing part of this movie. After all the built up tension and ‘scares’, it gets turned around in to a different style of movie in only ten minutes. After thinking for just under two hours, due to Stephen King being one of the creators of the supernatural world in his novels, that this was a ghost like horror when indeed it was not.

Although the ending puts a damper on the movie, it does not however ruin it enough for me not to say it’s the best movie released in 2017 so far.

Lauren Maclean

Lauren Maclean is the Editor of The Clyde Insider, having previously worked in Commonspace. In 2016 she studied Media Studies, and now in 2017 she is a HND Journalism student. Both of these years were spent studying at Glasgow Clyde College – Cardonald Campus. Lauren’s main focus in her writing is film reviews and opinion pieces.

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