Clock ticking on cat rescue attempt.

An animal rights activist is seeking to rescue an abandoned street cat from Greece with a fundraiser but her time is running out.

Melissa Thomson, 23, who is active with the Save Movement in Scotland, is currently on holiday in Kefalonia, an island off the west coast of Greece, and is determined to help at least one cat before returning on Wednesday, after losing her own cat earlier this month.

Melissa and Lucky, who passed away earlier this month

Melissa, who is studying to be a plant based nutritionist in her spare time, is worried about what will happen to the cat’s she has befriended once she has to come home.

She has set up various places for people to donate even the smallest amount so she can cover the costs of vets, microchips, travel, and vaccinations aiming to give them a life back in Scotland.

The estimated costs run to over £400 per cat.

“They rely on tourists to feed them and so many go without food for days, I’ve been feeding them every single day.” she said

“Over here they poison the cats and a lot of people look at them as vermin so i’m desperate to help them in any way that I can. The way that cats are looked upon over here is completely different from the UK so it’s been a huge shock for me.” The animal lover added.

Melissa has taken to three cats in particular, a white cat that she is really worried about as she is having problems eating, and two tortoise shell females, one who she fears may be pregnant, so may complicate matters in bringing her home to the UK.

“There is one cat in particular i’m trying to bring across, although i’m not sure if shes pregnant or not so that’s something I would have to find out beforehand from a vet.” she bemoaned

“The white cat is really sweet and comes out to see you, she likes getting clapped but because she’s unwell she’s been hiding away, I’ve noticed her deteriorating in the past couple of days.

“I went to see her earlier today and she was lying down and wouldn’t get up just like yesterday, she’s not been eating any food the past couple of days”

A Greek citizen, Maria Papadaki, has backed up the claims of the poisonings throughout Greece saying that “There isn’t a week to go by and not hear of an incident of poisoned animals lying on the streets dead. This happens in every town or village no matter what.”

“Even people who walk their dogs are advised to not let them eat anything and if they want to be prepared to always carry a shot to make the dog vomit in case of eating a poisonous food” she explained.

Time is running out for the cats that have chosen Melissa, but if you are able to help you can do so at these sites.

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