Brace Yourselves Pokefans, Pokémon Gold and Silver Have Returned to 3DS!

For those of us old enough to remember the launch of the Game Boy, we would have fond memories of the original Pokémon games: Red and Blue, and how huge an impact they had on the world of video games! The games were not the first world-famous JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games) around at the time. The Gamefreak-made games had some healthy competition from the by-then-veteran series of Final Fantasy games in 1996, who had already released their 6th instalment and was heading on to release the world-famous “Final Fantasy VII”. However, on February 27th, 1996, a pair of video games by the name of Pokémon Red version and Pokémon Blue version appeared and also took the world by storm!

Before long, Pokémon had become a worldwide phenomenon, and even had its own TV series created based on the show. For many adults today, Pokémon Red and Blue were among the first video games that they had ever owned. It is with that fond nostalgia that we look back over the original series as games that etched their place into our hearts forever.

Due to the incredible response from the US and Europe, Pokémon developers Gamefreak, along with The Pokémon Company, began to create a whole-new Pokémon experience featuring a new story, a new region, and new species of Pokémon. Production began on the game almost immediately after the release of Pokémon Red and Blue, and was scheduled for release in 1998, however due to side-tracking of Gamefreak with one of their other projects, Pokémon Stadium, they had to postpone the development of the game, and so Pokémon Yellow was released in its place, which was a slightly updated version of Red and Blue, which featured the main Pokémon as Pikachu, the most popular Pokémon and the official mascot of Japan in the FIFA 2014 World Cup, and was made to coincide more closely with the TV series.

After three and a half years of development, Pokémon Gold and Silver versions were released on November 21st 1999 – almost 18 years ago! The series was an incredible hit worldwide, and was originally intended to be the final game in the series, and the end of the Pokémon franchise, however this ended up being far from the truth as fans cried out for more! Pokémon Gold and Silver were created for the Game Boy Color, which meant they could make full use of its technology to create better sprites (in-game characters) and animations (moving things!) plus a heart-warming soundtrack that would instantly make any gamer feel that great nostalgia.

Then, years later, when the Nintendo DS was released, and along with it, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the 4th “Generation” – series – of Pokémon games. Gamefreak had then decided to remake the original Pokémon Gold and Silver with the DS’s capabilities. These ports of the game became known as Pokémon Heart Gold, and Pokémon Soul Silver, which hints that the original games had become something akin to the heart and soul of the Pokémon series. The original games’ soundtrack was so popular that Gamefreak included an item in the game that could be acquired later on that turned the music back to its original, 8-bit soundtrack, instead of the remastered one used in the remake of the game.

As the end of the year 2017 approaches, Pokefans can look forward to two things; the first one being the release of the brand-new Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon – a new experience returning to the region of Alola, debuted in Pokemon Sun and Moon – on November 17th world-wide! The second is that the gaming gems that are Pokémon Gold and Silver were made available to buy, in all of their original glory, on the Nintendo 3DS’s online shop on September 22nd, 2017 and we can all once again relive the amazing experience that was Pokémon Gold and Silver!

So what are you waiting for? Go and Catch ‘Em All!

Ryan Grant

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