Stitches – A poem written by Lauren Vallely following her grandmother’s passing.

Lauren has written a poem about her grandmother’s death and how it is impactingher every day. Lauren metaphorically describes her grandmother as ‘stitches’because when she passed away, everything fell apart.

Stitches hit the floor

Faces gone pale

Eyes gone red

An indescribable ache

Saliva gathers Nausea

Pleas and outbursts

Faces cupped by hands


Blurred vision

No sense of direction


One life gone, other life’s shattered

This isn’t just a loss, this isn’t just grief

This is a whole new emotion created just for her
The stitches gone, it falls apart

It seems there is no reason to continue without them

\It’s frosted where it once was warm

One mention of her and the emotion erupts

An angry volcano unable to forgive, or forget

It will never be the same

A saint surrounded by sinners

The only rose without a thorn

A love that can never be replaced

A heart that may never be mended

A gap that may never be filled

A feeling that may never be lost

Lauren Vallely

Lauren is studying Journalism at Glasgow Clyde College. She is the Deputy Editor of the Creative Writing Department and aspires to be an Investigative Journalist. She has always had a passion for writing and hopes to show this in her work. Lauren has received multiple Saltire awards for her volunteering efforts within her community. This includes contributing to an anti-bullying campaign and volunteering at a local care home. As well as receiving these awards, Lauren was presented with a Princess Diana award for creating and sustaining a positive change. Lauren is determined to have her writing published in the near future.

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